Big News…. Edge

EDGE is a casual puzzle-platformer that challenges you to roll your
cube through over 100 levels. The innovative level design and “edge
hangtime” mechanic will test your planning and reflexes. Nothing can
quite describe the satisfying noise of rolling your cube to victory
and securing a speedy finish.

The above description is taken straight from the installer package. While this game is definitely able to be defined as a game, I can tell you of its truest frustrations. The gameplay seems to be of the KISS variety. You have a cube and move it around a map picking up prisms on the way to the end goal. The challenge comes from fast moving platforms, sticking to the edges of other cubes to get across to the other side of a pit and trying to find all the prisms in order to unlock all the levels. I managed to clear most levels in about 3-5 minutes, despite the overall challenge.

This chart shows my overall time as the game levels progressed. As you see, I only went to level 45, but I failed to collect all the prisms in advance, making the last three levels inaccessible.

Mechanically, the game is relatively well done. The timing is made to where even someone who is bad at puzzle platformers like myself can finish it, but it can be challenging even for “pros”. The only “bug” I could find happened to be when trying to get on a moving platform, I would fall off instead of staying on it. This is understandable, as the movement is also considered “sticky” holding you to the edge of one of the platforms as long as your speed is above zero.

As it is, that is all that really is able to be reviewed on this style of game. My rating for it is Buttered Toast, it is almost a Grilled Cheese, but that speed above zero bug frustrates me to no end.

Edge is for sale on Steam for Windows and Mac at
*Review was done on the Linux version exclusive to Humble Bundle purchasers at the moment.


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