Small news… Greenlight

Time to step away from reviews to do a quick spotlight on some games that I feel should be greenlit. A few have been sitting there for quite awhile, and honestly deserve to be on Steam in my humble opinion. Listed in Alphabetical order, I give you Avarisclari’s Greenlight Spotlight (Part 1 of N).


Delver is a first person Rogue-lite dungeon crawler. Every dungeon is randomly generated, and you have permadeath, so be careful. The game is currently in alpha state and is being updated whenever the developer feels he added enough new features. So far I have not been disappointed, and this game definitely deserves the light of Steam.


Livalink, ah yes. Livalink is, currently, a survival FPS. You must fight of hordes of incoming creatures to survive as long as possible. The developer has stated to be looking into a campaign/story mode, but it is not guaranteed. The game itself is quite fun, and by putting it on Steam, we can give the developer a few more dollars to help fund future development.

Megabyte Punch:

Hold up. A Megaman meets Smashbrothers game? Where do I sign up?! Yes, Megabyte Punch is a sidescrolling beat’em up, featuring robo customization, bosses and a hub. Yes, the infamous Megaman hub where you enter all the areas from. But don’t let that stop you, the game is fun, and will be on Linux soon as well. It is completely worth every cent.

Rjin the Specpyre in… Manor of the Damned:

Castlevania and Legend of Zelda collide to create this difficult RPG. In this game, you must explore a castle to unlock it’s secrets, defeat the evil overlords and free the townspeople. Sounds simple right? Good luck.

The Real Texas:

So, depending on who you are, this is out of order. But still, most of us remember this game from when it was released. Some of us don’t know it. But overall, it is a strange ambient game about wizards. No, not Harry Potter. Look just play it and see what I mean. Also, vote for it.


Explosions, explosions everywhere. Zigfrak is a deep space shootem up. You heard me. Personally, I feel like a pirate when I play, blowing up ships and taking everything they have. Heavy loot and deep stories abound in Zigfrak, and it definitely needs a place in everyone’s library.

For those who care, the reason there are no links to the games sites with these is they are all on the Greenlight pages anyway and my goal is to get you to vote. So please, visit them and we will all be happier.


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