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Hey everyone, avarisclari here with more stuff of importance. We all know that there are plenty of engines on Linux, 99% of which (about) are open source. But there are little to no full editors. Leadwerks is working to change that.

From a consumer point of view, this is a good thing. It means that more games can be developed easier for Linux and have fewer bugs out right. If it’s developed on the Platform its released for, you’ll see some bugs much quicker than you would otherwise.

From a developer’s point of view, it is also ideal. Having it available on a platform you plan on supporting means less time transferring data to the testing machine, making you able to test your changes faster and get the build out to testers. This also would make a fantastic addition to Linux and improve the already growing community.

I know some of you have already seen the Kickstarter and think that some of the rewards are pricey, but look at some. The 200 dollar tier is the same as buying the license for the engine outright from the main website. Even then, it’s a discount after Kickstarter and Amazon fees. Please, support it. I know we have.


3 thoughts on “More News… Leadwerks”

  1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK PEOPLE… FACT: None of those great looking visuals were made with the current version of Leadwerks… They were all made with Leadwerks 2, which has pretty much been abandoned by the company(basically Josh Klint) in favor of the newer Leadwerks 3, which is a graphically devolved version, incapable of creating the “AAA” level graphics of the former version… You would not be the first ones to be fooled… DO YOUR HOMEWORK, DOWNLOAD THE LEADWERKS DEMO… See if anything even remotely similar to the graphics pictured is even possible…


  2. Micheal, it is not necessary to follow us around making the same post on dozens of news stories. I am sorry Leadwerks 3 features were not implemented in the order you prefer. Terrain is explicitly pointed out on the kickstarter page as being in the experimental phase, and we have since provided a proof of concept, though there was no obligation to do so.

    Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for funding the completion of projects, not a store for finished products. If the product we are working on was finished, we would not be doing a Kickstarter campaign.


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