Huge News… Humble Bundle with Android 6

A little information first. This is not going to be like my normal reviews. These are mostly first thoughts as I haven’t “beaten” every game yet. So sit back and enjoy my en masse followup to the HIBwA6. (Thanks to footisimo for a key.)


Aquaria is a wonderfully built commercial open source game (COSS from now on). Originally closed off, the game went open source after the first Humble Bundle. It still needs the commercial files to run, only the engine is open source.

Anyway, let’s look at the game itself. In essence, you play as a mermaid who uses songs to control things around her (welcome to the 60’s). You go through the game, solve many puzzles, and yeah, not going to spoil the ending here. I personally enjoyed the game, and if I were actually going to review it it would definitely score high.

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars (Director’s Cut)

I personally have next to nothing nice to say about this game. As many of you know, I’m not a fan of Point and Click adventure games, but this one takes the cake. It is filled with cliche after cliche, and it never stops. Just watching the introduction for the first time was painful. Yes, this game is well made, but the story hurts to be honest. It’s begging for a rewrite by someone that isn’t Dan Brown. (Yes, I’m aware the original came out before Dan Brown’s books, but I’m still saying it.)

Fractal: Make Blooms not War

Cipher Prime is no “newbie” to the HIB scene. Fractal is among the latest to join it, and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to their game style. While it’s not a game for me, even I can appreciate the amount of work put into it.

Frozen Synapse: Fake Subtitle added

Frozen Synapse first appeared back in the Humble Frozen Synapse bundle (the irony being I bought it the day before on Steam.) I already vowed to review this game at a future date, so I won’t say much here, but if you enjoy tactical gameplay, pick it up. You won’t be disappointed.


So, who wants to save the world from random bombs (half of which shouldn’t do much damage in the first place)? This game is for you then! Yes, I already expressed my general detestment towards Point n Click adventures, and this one does annoy me. My biggest annoyance being having to play EVERY level several times. But it makes up for it by making me laugh. A lot. Stoner alien. Need I say more?


Another ambient title in the bundle (along with Fractal). This one appeared back in HIB4, and was a delight to obtain. Just roll along, and enjoy the atmosphere of this jazzy rolling ball… Yeah. Nifflas Nygren is a delightful developer. (Oh and be sure to watch for Knytt Underground: Coming soon)

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

This was one I didn’t quite enjoy much either. I understand people like zombies, they like Oregan Trail, but in the end… For me this wasn’t a great mashup. That and somehow my wagon was able to continue on with ME dead. That doesn’t make sense when I’m the leader. Still though, if you enjoy both zombies and Oregan Trail, try this slingshot game.


Cipher Prime needs to stop being good. Anyway, Pulse, yes it’s android only, but for good reason. Play it. It won’t work well on a desktop. (Though my solution is make it a typing game, still not great) However, it is very well made, and played flawlessly on the device i tested on. They did a fantastic job making a Drum Hero game.

Stealth Bastard Deluxe

While I wash my mouth out with soap for swearing, play this. That’s all I can say about it is play it. I’m still 50/50 on it. Parts of it I love, others I don’t.

Waking Mars

Last but not least, Waking Mars. This is a wonderful Sci-fi game set on, you guessed it, Mars. Breed plant-like creatures (that are more fungus like to me) and make Marse habitable. Find a girl and marry her. Save the farm! Oops, slipped Harvest Moon in there. Still, try the game, I loved it. So will any Sci-fi game lovers out there. Admittedly, I kept expecting to die any minute my first time playing.

Thank you for reading. I know it’s not my best work, but again, I said it was my thoughts, not reviews. Thank you footisimo for the key and some of these will have full reviews in the future.

Humble Bundle with Android 6 is obtainable until 6 PM EST on July 2nd at


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