Small News… Greenlight #2

I know it’s been awhile since I did a post. Let’s fix that. It’s time for my Greenlight coverage #2!!!!!!!!! (And thus no one will care.)

Let’s first start with some good news:

Both Delver and Megabyte Punch have been greenlit! A round of applause for the developers! Now onto a new batch of games that I feel we all should vote for. (And one previous game, each article will have one at random.)

Let us begin now:


3089 is a futuristic randomly generated first person shooter from the developer who brought us 3079. It is finally on greenlight, and if it does well, maybe can pave the way for his other titles to be put up on Steam too. I know not everyone cares, but Steam really is one of the best forms of income for indies.


Take Swift*Stich (super fast movement on 90 degree angles) and add techno and modern graphics. You heard me. I referenced a completely different game. Do it now.

Mos Speedrun:

Bumblebee speedrunning. Enough said.


This is a fun one. It’s still in development, but a fun puzzle game none the less. I give it 1.5 thumbs up. Sorry, still playing.

There you have it. These are the games I think need to get out of Greenlight Limbo. Thanks for reading. Now to get ready for work.


Oh, wait. You’re still here? Alright, here is my throwback to the last post and which game I think deserves the mention again the most:

The Real Texas:

I chose this game based on one fact: I beat it twice and put it down for awhile, then went back anyway. Support Calvin “psysal” French. Do it.


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