HUGE NEWS!!! All the World

“A single bullet can change everything…A shot in the dark leads to the other side. Sometimes, though, it can lead to something more…”

Hello, and welcome. Before today, all I have posted on here is opinion pieces. I can’t really call them articles or editorials as they really are not. Today however, I am posting something important. 
Today, we are announcing our first commercial game. As the post suggests, it is entitled “All the World” and is a visual novel built in Ren’Py. Wait! Come back, I’m serious!
Look, I know Ren’Py games aren’t generally impressive, but the point is to tell a story. That’s what we intend to do. *SPOILER ALERT* We will not reveal any of the story before release. 
I haven’t written one of these before, so please excuse the erm, lax nature of it. All I can say about All the World is the following:
  • We are customizing the GUI in a slightly different way than normally seen (as can be seen at the bottom)
  • We are working on integrating an ACPI feature for mobile devices (Laptops/Android). This will enable us to put a low battery warning when playing the game.
  • It is our first full work. We want criticism on it (but please don’t tell us to kill ourselves). 
  • It will be released on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android
  • Android version will be a lighter one as it cannot do movie playback.
  • 720p quality

Thank you all for looking and reading. Later this week, we will start sending out builds to those who already volunteered for testing. I hope this turns into something you all love.

A small piece of the GUI (excuse the Lorem Ipsum. Again, as it’s a heavy story game, we are trying to avoid spoilers.)


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