Big News… Greenlight Limbo!

Welcome to another Greenlight Limbo. For my newcomers, I post a few games that are on Greenlight and I feel need to be Greenlit. Some of these have been there awhile, while others are fresh. So without much more ado, lets begin. (Note: There is only one order here, alphabetical.)

8-bit Commando

8-Bit Commando is a 2D sidescroller in the style of NES games. It has an awesome soundtrack and is very well done. It also has decent controller support.


Goscurry I’ve touched on before. I love this game. It’s addicting, fun and hard. And I wanted a musical game for this post and it’s musical enough.


Another retrostyle: Inescapable. It’s a Metroidvania, and actually plays nicely. Please, help out these developers.


Like twinstick shooters? (If your answer is no, read the next few games.) Also, even if you don’t, try this. It’s quirky. Sometimes that’s all we need.


QbQbQb. Let me start by saying I have no idea how the heck you pronounce that. It’s a fun “tetris” like puzzle game. Awesome soundtrack (WHICH IS FREE!!!1!) and just fun visuals. It gets addicting fast.


Cave flyers are fun. This one is fun and fantastically graphical. Let’s all play it!

Smiles HD

Did someone say match 3? Yes, I did. Anyway, Smiles HD puts a nice spin on it with cutesy graphics, ambient music and fun match 3ness. I only own the Android version, and would love to pick up the PC as well.


Specter is an action platformer. Looks fun. It’s currently invite only, but I can’t wait for the release.

Telepath Tactics

Telepath Tactics comes from the developer of Telepath RPG. It’s a strategy game and does require some thought, but from what I’ve seen so far, it rivals Fire Emblem.

Three Dead Zed

Arcade platformer with polymorphism and zombies. Also cats. Tinfoil hat wearing cats. All I need to say I hope.

That concludes this Greenlight Limbo. For those who will criticize me for not being professional, I’m not. This is for fun and to show my support to these developers. I post games I like and want you to like them too.


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