Big News… Greenlight Limbo!

Black Ice

Black Ice is a procedurally generated HACK n Slash (emphasis on hack).  I played a bit of the alpha, and while my hardware is too weak for it to run decently, it was still fun.


It took me a few plays to finally fully understand what I’m doing in Expander. Yes I’m aware there is help, no I did not read it. Challenging and fun, I recommend it to all.

Fancy Skulls

Fancy Skulls is a fun “minimalistic” roguelite shooter. Just try it. And why isn’t it Greenlit already?
God of Blades

God of blades turned out to be more fun than I initially worried. The game is easy once you get the timing down, but never the less I feel requires a spot in any 70’s fantasy novel lover’s library.

Jetpack 2

Honestly surprised I haven’t posted this one before. I’m an avid fan of the original Jetpack, and even am a maintainer for a version on IndieDB (Linux version obviously.) The sequel needs just as much love.

Vulture for Nethack

Nethack already has enough devotees, but let’s get some more!


Zenzizenic is fun to say, and fun to play. I actually “competed” with them for funding awhile back, and their game deserves it more than mine does. So give em a thumbs up.

That’s all for this one folks. Give these guys some love.


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