Big News… Sentinel

Sentinel is an interactive audio tower defense game. It mixes strategic gameplay with a dynamic music system.

Well, you downloaded too many things from the Internet. Your computer is massively infected with viruses, and there is only one way to destroy them. You boot up your audio antivirus program and get to work.


The gameplay is akin to many tower defense games, but due to the rhythm aspect is also more of a puzzle game. Your towers won’t activate as soon as an enemy is in range, but rather when the sequencer beat passes over them. Sentinel even has bonus stages that require you to pay attention to the field more to be able to beat them. The musical element also increases difficulty from your traditional tower defense fare.

I refuse to admit how many attempts this one took me.

I have only had one bug, and it’s on the bonus level I showed above. Every once in awhile, it will say I can’t place any towers when I still have space left and more than enough data to place them. It is easy to fix by just selecting restart node, but it is still a pain.

There is really no story here. You are just clearing out your virus infected computer. Have fun.

Since this is a music based game, I feel this needs highlighted. While I personally enjoy the soundtrack, the fact that it is pure electronic may push some away. I find it fits well however, and am still working my way through the later levels.

All in all, Sentinel is an interesting game, although gimmicky. I don’t get a huge amount of fun out of it, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless. On my weird scale, I give this game a Buttered Bread. It’s fun and interesting, but it is far from a game changer.

Sentinel can be purchased at the following locations:


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