Big News… Zen Puzzle Garden

If you thought that you could never reach enlightenment by playing a computer game.. well… you’re probably right. You can, however, fry your brain by trying to solve seemingly impossible puzzles that take place in a tranquil zen garden. 

It was supposed to be a calm day. The larks flew overhead, and the wind blew softly through the cherry trees. Then your OCD kicked in. You needed to rake your zen garden, but don’t like to cross the lines.

Zen Puzzle Garden is true to its name entirely in that it is about raking your garden with consistent lines and patterns to avoid rocks and other obstacles. It is a frustrating piece of genius, because it makes you feel relaxed at the same time. I will be honest and say I had to look up one solution, and it wasn’t even in late game. By the end of it, I was so used to the game I was solving them left and right, but I had to get the solution for puzzle 2.

If you feel yourself getting too frustrated, the game does have a freeform mode that lets you just go where ever you want, so give that a shot too. Also included is a Puzzle Editor, so you can make your own puzzles and share them with others.

A garden I made from the chocolate castle image on Lexaloffle’s Games Page

I honestly encountered zero bugs, so that makes this section pretty much done.

Overall, Zen Puzzle Garden is not a bad game. It’s nothing fantastic, but it is what it is. I will still give it the first Grilled Cheese though, for being perfect for what it is.

Zen Puzzle Garden can be purchased from the following location:

My puzzle which I don’t even know if it’s solvable can be found here:


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