Big News… Goscurry!

Relax, don’t panic, be brave. Reach as many cities as you can by piloting a ship on a perpetually assembling road suspended over a stylized and surreal landscape, while taking sharp corners, evading hazards and rushing through speedfreak modes. A hard electro-beat game.

Be sure to read the opening splash screen. It is very important.



In Goscurry, you drive a vehicle down a random route with the end game of death. I honestly have no idea if there is an end to the game, as I don’t last long. My current longest time is 50s on Pro.  The game has four controls: clockwise, counterclockwise, jump, and evade. The reason I write them that way is it is important to think of them that way. CW and CCW are mapped to left and right, but the camera only stays behind you in tutorial and hard mode. 
Currently, I have found only one bug. It may be Unity’s end or my gamepad, but it spams the input when I tap the button. I don’t normally use a gamepad, so it’s fine, but I still feel the need to report it.
Personally, I find the soundtrack very catchy. I even purchased it and listen to it when I code on the side. It fits the game very well and is listenable to outside the game.
Overall, Goscurry is very frustrating, but also calming. It can make you feel stupid, especially when you jump instead of evade, or turn in the wrong direction, but it all makes you feel even better as you beat your high score or place high on the leaderboards. I give Goscurry a Toast with Strawberry Jam rating.
You can purchase Goscurry at the following locations:

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