Big News… Ticket to Ride Online

The best Online adaptation yet of Days of Wonder’s best-selling train game, Ticket to Ride takes less than one minute to learn but a lifetime to master. With tension building at every turn, it’s definitely NOT your Father’s train game! Play Solo or Online. With over 30,000,000 games played Online, and a new game starting every 4 seconds on average, Ticket to Ride is the ultimate online board game experience. It’s not just exciting – it’s addictive!

Hello, and welcome to the Ticket to Ride review. My name is Chris, and I’ll be your reviewer today. If you’re ready to begin, scroll on down.

Ticket to Ride Online is based off the titular board game. You must collect train cards of specific colors to claim routes so that your destination cards can be fulfilled. Each destination card is worth a specific amount of points, and if you have any left at the end of the game, you will lose their worth.

Most of my destination cards were complete on drawing them

Ticket to Ride Online features online multiplayer (true to it’s name), hot seat multiplayer and solo. Each one offers up to 5 players, and is challenging in their own rights.

I have a few issues I found with the Ticket to Ride Linux client. First, it has very long load time. For what it’s worth, I did have Firefox open as well, so it may have been partly to blame. Second, the game crashed a few times. This is most likely due to OpenJDK, as it was random and I could not replicate it. 

Overall, Ticket to Ride Online is a fun game, and if you can’t afford the physical version (like me) or prefer to play online, I recommend picking it up. Overall I give this game a buttered toast rating. While it is fun, the music gets annoying after a few games, as well as the long load time.

Ticket to Ride Online can be purchased from the following:

HEY GUYS! In celebration of me reaching 6000 views, I’m holding a giveaway! The giveaway is for Race the Sun. (I’d do Ticket to Ride to fit the review, but I don’t have the money to spare). To enter, just leave a comment below! Thanks for reading!
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One thought on “Big News… Ticket to Ride Online”

  1. I wasn't gonna enter as I won the last one and wanted to give others a shot but seeing how nobody else has bothered to enter I might as well;) I have the reviewed game but have yet to actually play it>.< Never played the board game either and actually hadn't even heard about it till seeing the steam game:p


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