Big News… Greenlight Limbo Again!

Hey guys, I felt bad about only 5 Greenlight games yesterday, so I went through all 550 titles available for me to vote on to find the rest of the gems. So here you go!

Arclight Cascade:

Arclight Cascade is a 360 arena game. You swing your sword around you to beat your enemies to a pulp. It looks fun and the music doesn’t sound half bad either.

Dandy: Or a Brief Glimpse Into the Life of the Candy Alchemist:

Dandy is a sidescrolling shooter that seems to have elements of Isaac in it. I use Isaac as it’s the only game I’ve played where your form changes with powerups. I just really want to play it.

Devil’s Bluff:

Devil’s Bluff looks really freakin’ fun. I’m not normally an online multiplayer guy (I have my exceptions), but the idea of a mystery theater game just sounds fun!

Empire In Ruins:

Yes, this is a tower defence game. No, there is nothing wrong with that. It sounds like it has a good story, and the trailer hooked me. It should hook you too!


Explore a dark maze to find the exit. A simple maze runner, Entwine looks like the perfect play for a few minutes game when you want something to do while you’re waiting.

Exception looks beautiful. It looks fun. The story scenes are meticulously put together to bring a comic style aesthetic. I just want it!

Guardians of the Forest:

I’m always up for a 2D beat em up. Especially when they look fun. Guardians of the Forest appears to be Lugaru meets Smash Bros, and I couldn’t want more.


Darwinia had me hooked with it’s strategy cyber theme, as did Frozen Synapse. So imagine how I felt when I stumbled upon Hexters. It’s a tower defence meets Darwinia, and I really want to give it a go.


Omnipotent doesn’t really look special. I’ll be honest. What got me was the trailer music. Sometimes what makes a game is the soundtrack. Shame the demo is only for Windows.


Lightrise only caught my eye because it is mainly mages duking it out. Very few games have let me have a sorcerer’s battle, but this one does. So bring it on!


Prismatica is essentially a flat Rubik’s Cube. You rotate panels to make all colors line up properly. It’s simple, but sometimes simple is the hardest to do. I love a simple puzzle game over a complex one.

Let’s make a garden. Many would argue this is an interactive screensaver, but I like simple things and this would be very calming.


Volvox is a simple puzzle game. Yeah, 3 in one Greenlight. Guess I like puzzle games. But it seems to be Incredipede meets Lemmings. It’s beautiful, too.

There you go guys, a total of 18 greenlight games. Out of 550 available for me to vote on, that’s 0.04%. Enjoy. I’m getting an ice pack for my head.


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