Big News… Kickstarting the World

Hey guys, I thought I’d do something a little different today. While I work my way through another game to review, I figured I’d take a break and dig through Kickstarter for noteworthy projects. Some of these are already funded and just gaining more, while others are nowhere near. I hope you guys find these as interesting as I do.


The Pinocchio Project

Two Pinocchio’s are better than one, but 1 is better than none.

As I dug through the Art section, I pulled up 5 Kickstarter projects I found interesting, and went through all of them to choose which one I liked most. Honestly, I find puppets weird, but the amount of work and care put into all the ones they put on display on the Kickstarter won me over.

Kickstarter Goal: $5,820 USD
Current Pledge Amount: $7071 USD
Ends: June 30


Comics Uniting Nations

Bringing the world closer together, one panel at a time.

Comics Uniting Nations aims to bring global issues to the world by writing comics portraying them. These will be available for free, and will address such topics as poverty, hunger, and education. It looks amazing, but needs more help to be brought to life.

Kickstarter Goal: $60,000 USD
Current Pledge Amount:  $20,727 USD
Ends: June 4


Trilobite Plushie – a new Paleozoic Pal

Trilobites are so cute!

Alright, there weren’t very many projects under crafts that caught my attention. This was the only one that kept it after looking through everything it had to offer. I’ve always enjoyed fossils of ancient animals, and making plushes based off those sounds awesome. Each donation not only funds the production of these cute plushes, but also goes towards the Paleontological Research Institution.

Kickstarter Goal: $6,500 USD
Current Pledge Amount: $9,131 USD
Ends: June 17


State of the Moon Address

Looks like they’re having fun

Before I say anything else, I should put this up front. I know nothing about dance. I have been trained in some, namely swing and waltz. That’s about as far as my dancing knowledge goes. I dug through an area that is extremely out of my element to choose this project. It looks good, sounds interesting, and if I could, I’d probably watch it. I’d be shifting uncomfortably the whole time because I don’t watch dance ever, but still. It’s getting more credit than dance ever has from me. The project is looking to fund the last of the money they need to build sets and pay the people helping.

Kickstarter Goal: $3,700
Current Pledge Amount: $1,195
Ends: June 11


Ladislav Sutnar: Visual Design in Action – Facsimile Edition

So much going on in such little space, but it’s not cluttered.

This section had a lot of stuff in it already funded, but some of it seemed to be in the wrong section. One such thing was a battery recycling device that lets you use old smart phone batteries with other stuff. This however is a very interesting book. I love looking through books of art to see some of the interesting design choices, and this book is all about interesting design choices.

Kickstarter Goal: $79,000 USD
Current Pledge Amount: $128,269 USD

Ends: June 3


Hastings & Co Watches – Redefining Modern Timepieces

Beautiful timepiece

Honestly, this was a tossup. I’m going to go ahead and link the other Kickstarter here. I love timepieces, though I don’t have many. I can’t really afford them. However, I do apprecate them, and this is in the style I do like. They are everything I like about watches, so this was a no brainer for me.

Kickstarter Goal: $10,000 CAD
Current Pledge Amount: $10,117 CAD

Ends: June 1

Film and Video

Automatic Music – A Short Film

Music boxes!

I love analog machines. Watching the gears turn, pins hit the right position to turn another gear starting a sequence of magic. So I was happy to find someone making a video on this concept in the realm of music. I love learning more about these machines, and hope that they make their goal.

Kickstarter Goal: £1,200
Current Pledge Amount: £0
Ends: June 20


Empires in Ruins


I’ve already covered this game once before. I dug through several promising Kickstarters, but this one once again grabbed my attention. I want it funded, so that we can all enjoy it.

Kickstarter Goal: kr160,000 SEK
Current Pledge Amount: kr12,865 SEK
Ends: June 11


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