Big News… Doom and Destiny

Four nerds, drawn into a fantasy world and mistaken for heroes, have to battle their way through a massive, crazy adventure and defeat a preposterous villain!

Roll for initiative. No good, I make the first move. I cast Review on Doom and Destiny.

He’s broken.

Doom and Destiny is a turn based RPG that takes you through several parodies of popular media, including Mario, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.  Gameplay is the standard move around in a 2D world and encounter random enemies. What makes this game fun is the stereotypes.

I’ve always been a Rolling Stones fan.

Doom and Destiny makes a point to point out every trope and cliché in RPG’s and even works to break them. If you do not laugh at least once playing it, I recommend getting your laugh box looked at.

I encountered no real bugs in Doom and Destiny. There was one bug I found awhile ago, but it has since been fixed. It was a launch issue on 64-bit machines. There is a string bug in the game however, but I’ve reported it as well, and it’s purely aesthetic.

Those 0’s aren’t a joke, but they don’t do anything either.

Being a RPG, I feel I must review the story. I’ll avoid spoilers as much as possible. You and your friends are on their way to game night at Benjamin’s when something goes wrong. You enter his house to find it was turned into a dungeon.  This launches you on a wild journey through time and space (really surprised they didn’t work in Bill and Ted.) The story isn’t really anything special, but it’s quirkiness over seriousness is what sets it apart.

It’s name is Dungeon. You literally beat the Dungeon.

Overall, Doom and Destiny was a fantastic journey, and I will be playing again to complete side quests. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and even recommend it’s soundtrack. The best part is, the soundtrack is free, as it was almost entirely composed by incomptech. I give Doom and Destiny a pizza and beer rating. It’s not on my scale, but then Doom and Destiny sort of broke it. I’m still laughing at its jokes.

Real funny wise guy.

Doom and Destiny can be bought from the following locations:

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