Big News… Interview with Heartbit Interactive

Hello guys! I recently interviewed Heartbit Interactive, developers of Doom and Destiny. They seem like nice fellows, and are currently working on their new game Doom and Destiny Advanced.

1) What inspired Doom and Destiny?
Doom & Destiny was born as a joke/parody of four friends of mine. When I started creating games with RPG Maker, my friends refused to play any of my games unless they were in the game. So I decided to turn them into the four dumb nerd protagonist of a small adventure. Unfortunately they like to game and pushed me to finish it. That game become Doom & Destiny.
2) What was it like to work on the game?
Awesome! We were super excited to create our first game that we wanted to release!
But after 4 years, don’t ask me to play it again or if I hear the title screen song once again I’ll probably go insane.
3) Which platform was the most difficult to support? The easiest?
It’s a tough call. Each platform as his rules and difficulties. We started knowing nothing and every new platform, even with the experience from the one before, was new to us and with new challenges. I’ll have to say that the Windows environment (Xbox360+Pc+WindowsPhone+Windows8) was probably the easiest.
4) Is there anyone you wish to thank for getting you into game development?
I guess I’ll have to thank my colleague Matteo Nicolotti, without whom I would never be able to create and publish a full game!
5) Are there any other developers you wish more people knew about?
There are so many talented devs out there that I wish they were more famous. The first that come into my mind are the guys of Studio Evil ( ) and the team GhostShark ( ) with whom I had the pleasure to get drunk in different occasions 😀
6) If you could choose between the following four classes, Red Mage, Summoner, Dragoon, or Farmer, which would you choose and why?
I’m into magic, but red mages from Dungeons & Dragons are a bunch of evil bald dudes, I’m not into that.
Dragoon are cool, I like spears, but I’m more into magic, so I’ll go for the summoner.
Farmer are boring, if I wanted to be a farmer I would do that in real life 😀
The developers are pretty funny guys, and you can see my review on Doom and Destiny here. I’m looking forward to Advanced myself.

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