My Thoughts… Desura!

Disclaimer: I do not know all the facts. These are purely my thoughts on what I’ve observed and what I’ve heard. Please bear that in mind.

Hello good people and welcome to something I felt I should write. This is not a review, nor is it an angry letter. I felt I should write what I think of all the stuff going on with the “Indie” platform, Desura.

To begin, Desura has been in my life since I learned of it through Humble Bundle. This was about 3 years ago I believe. I loved it for all of 10 minutes. The client was buggy as all get out, and the website was a mess. HOWEVER, the developers worked hard to resolve many of the issues. Or at least, I would like to say that. No, the developers instead open sourced the client into Desurium. This fixed many bugs, but they were not brought over to the main client for a LONG time. In fact, Desurium died after Linden Labs acquired Desura. From my perspective, Linden wanted to bury Desura away from their view. The games being released quickly dropped in quality, and the client stopped receiving updates. I personally had several issues even purchasing games at this time, and had to have several “gifted” to me after I purchased them.

Jump ahead. I stopped using the client, and switched over to IndieGameStand and for my indie game needs. Desura had become too much of a hassle for me to deal with. Then Bad Juju bought it. Immediately things started looking up. They started working on fixing the broken client, and listened to all of us. Desura’s bad game releases slowed down again, and quality titles started appearing on the store’s front page. The website even had a good overhaul. Then the money problem came to surface. I don’t want to point fingers anywhere, mainly because I don’t know whose fault this is. Someone mismanaged money somewhere. Heck, it’s possible that money was owed by the previous owner and the new ones weren’t made aware. I don’t know. All I know is, out of all the owners, Bad Juju was by far the hardest working on Desura post release. I really wanted to see these guys succeed. Then we got the bankruptcy reports. I feel horrible for these guys, I really do. Bad Juju seemed like a decent lot, but ended up with nothing to show for it. All I can say is I hope they can somehow recover from this. If they don’t, my thoughts and well wishes go to any employees who are looking for new work.

That’s all I had to say on the subject, and I really hope you guys stuck through it all. Desura was a beacon of hope to me on Linux, and when things started looking up again, I got my hopes up. I’m sorry to Bad Juju for the bad press they’ve been getting, but I REALLY hope things can turn around for them. As for the developers who feel cheated on that platform, you have my condolences as well. May you have better luck on other store fronts.


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