Big News… Shipwreck!

Shipwreck is a top down adventure game in which you must travel the land, explore dungeons, and defeat monsters to earn safe passage off the island on which you are stranded.

You awake on a beach in a storm. You don’t know where you are. All you know is you’re stuck in a review!

Shipwreck is a Zelda-like. Not that there aren’t games that were before Zelda that used that formula. It’s just what popularized it. Anyway, you have two equipment slots along with your inventory. You must choose your tools as you gather them to best equip yourself for each area. Honestly, it wasn’t a very difficult game outside the boss battles.

I’m not shy, I just happened to spam buttons… Baka!

The game itself is reminiscent of Link’s Awakening, my personal favorite title of the Zelda series.  You are trapped on an island after your ship is wrecked in a storm. The only way off the island is by defeating the evil ghost that keeps you there. The mayor sends you on “fetch” quests to collect four seals so you can enter the final dungeon. He’s the owl. Hoot hoot.

Here’s something I don’t always touch on. The graphics are all around good, but not great. I have my personal issues with them, mostly involving our heroine.


What's with that hair?
What’s with that hair?

I thoroughly enjoyed the music of this game. The sound effects, however, left much to be desired. For instance, there was no noise when you collect money. Swinging your sword sounded like swinging a wooden stick through the air. I don’t know, it felt… lack luster on the sound effects.

Overall, I must give the developers credit. For their first game, or so they say, it is very well polished. Good graphics, great music, along with the exploratory feel of a Zelda like. I give the game a half a grilled cheese sandwich. Sorry, I got hungry.

Shipwreck can be purchased from the following locations:


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