Big News… Lost Marbles!

Do you like challenging platforming? How about solving cool puzzles?! What about games that dare to use more than 3 shades of brown in their color palettes?!!? Well come on in!

DISCLAIMER: Any graphics glitches you see in the screenshots are driver related and are already reported.

Let’s just roll along…

Lost Marbles is a “marble golf” style game. You move balls around a map in order to reach an end goal while solving puzzles. Eventually, you must use all three marbles to solve some rather challenging puzzles. The controls actually feel really smooth, when in this style of game they usually feel loose.

Paper beats rock, right?

The game also comes with leaderboards, though I claim “hack” on some of them. Some of the later levels have one, and I mean literally one, person with less than ten seconds to beat it. I have no idea how the glitched the game to do so, but it happened.

Speaking of glitches, the game has one big one. Some fellow Linux users (and perhaps other platforms) may know this bug from some other games. If you move your mouse to adjust the camera, it will automatically face down. I do not know what causes this, but the only other game I came across it in has already patched it. It’s not a permanent down face and is only an inconvenience, but it does require you to pause movement as more often than not, you will fall to your death.

It's a me!
It’s a me!

The music in this game has a charming feel. It’s not something that you would listen to outside of it, but it fits the colorful themes well, and don’t distract when you need to concentrate.

What fresh doom is this?

Overall, I feel it gets a rating of toast with strawberry jam. Lost Marbles is a charming little gem that will both relax you and frustrate you. I feel it would do best on some sort of handheld, but it is still a fun little game.

Lost Marbles can be purchased from the following locations:


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