Big News… Another Star!

Another Star is a console-style RPG with a fast-paced battle system and a world that encourages players to explore and discover hidden areas as they lead their party on a journey across a fantasy world. While clearly influenced by the style and gameplay of the past, the game also implements innovations and ideas from the present.

Come closer, my child. Legends foretold this day would come. Another Star has fallen, and I must review it for you.

It Begins

Another Star is a top down RPG. The gameplay is pretty standard, but it also mixes it up a bit. For instance, as you learn magic, instead of getting Mana Points or anything like that, each spell costs HP. To mix things up a little more, there is a Defend command in battle that you will actually make use of. In this game, defending lowers damage from enemies and also heals a small amount of health. I found myself using it quite a bit, especially on bosses.

Speaking of bosses...
Speaking of bosses…

The bosses in this game are on completely different level from the standard mobs. You will need to grind a bit to be prepared to take them on. Even the mobs themselves are a challenge when you visit a new area. Unlike most RPG’s, leveling up isn’t the only necessity. You also need to prepare your inventory. Items like the Watcher’s Eye can help you out massively in battle, as well as making sure your equipment is actually upgraded.

Being a RPG, it is expected for this game to have a story. In this world, a star fell a long time ago. Clan Set used the power they gained from this star to conquer a good portion of it. Now, another star has fallen, and you are given the quest to retrieve it for your clan. Along the way, you will learn not all is as it seems at face value, and make some allies, as well as new enemies. The story is actually pretty decently written, and I must give Vision Riders a round of applause for it.


I’m an advocate for graphics don’t make the game. In fact, those of you who read my reviews know I usually give all around compliments to the graphics, period. That being said, this game is really nice as well. It has a really well done retro aesthetic to it, feeling like Dragon Warrior or the original Final Fantasies. It also features two graphical modes, as well as three “TV” modes.


I apparently didn't make a screenshot of the other TV mode.
I apparently didn’t make a screenshot of the other TV mode.

The music in this game is also well done. Each track feels like something you would find on your NES, as well as fits it’s generally theme. The battles are fast paced, the world map feels like you want to explore it and the boss battles take on a slow pace of fear and danger.

The overworld theme

I don’t want to write this section. The game is fantastic, but there are minor issues. The biggest ones being that the developer actually had to give me access to a newer version that’s being developed for Steam so I could actually run the game. Version 2 wouldn’t run on my newer system. I also occasionally had frame rate drops, but nothing game breaking.

Overall, I’d give Another Star a perfect rating of grilled cheese. It is a fantastically made RPG that feel’s like it was a classic that you go back and play again for nostalgia. I would even rank it up with games like Final Fantasy I and Chrono Trigger.


Another Star can be purchased from the following locations:


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