Big News… Spellcasting 101!

A family friendly line drawing puzzle game in which the player has a book of spells to learn. Practice casting spells by tracing out the patterns in the spell book. Get graded on each spell and when you have completed all the spells in a chapter you’ll unlock the chapter exam where you’ll need to remember the previously learned spell shapes. Passing the exam unlocks the next chapter of spells.

An alternate title for this would be Avarisclari: Adventures in bad drawing! Let’s just get this over with…

The gameplay is pretty simple. You are given a menu that you navigate with your mouse to choose what level and “spell” you want to practice. Practising your spells is a matter of drawing them.

Spells are adorable
Spells are adorable

Now, this may sound simple, but just like in school, they only help out with the practice mode. Tests are another level entirely. You are displayed a series of dots and the spell name. You must connect the dots while staying “within bounds” of where the line goes to pass. It makes for a quickly frustrating experience if you don’t remember the right pattern for a spell.

I'm sorry Pac-Man D:
I’m sorry Pac-Man D:

Well now, this game has a story! Sort of. It’s just an introductory piece explaining why you’re practising magic. It’s simple, but cute and charming.


Overall, I want to give this game a toast rating. It’s cute and charming, but it’s relatively short. It doesn’t have a huge amount of replay value, but it’s still fun to go into and just laugh at the cute little things the developer hid around in it. I recommend it to anyone looking for a quick dive into a cute little game.


Spellcasting 101 can be found at the following locations:


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