Big News… Pier Solar and the Great Architects!

Pier Solar is an RPG that tells the story of Hoston, a young botanist who is on a quest to save his father from a mysterious illness. Along with his two best friends Alina and Edessot, the three friends embark on a quest seeking a rare herb to cure the illness of Hoston’s father. Little do they know, it is the beginning of a winding journey that unravels his father’s past and the mystery of Pier Solar and the Great Architects.

They may have a sword, bow, and staff, but they don’t have my review.

Those camels are in love

Pier Solar is another JRPG. It is actually an HD remake of a game made for the Genesis/Megadrive. The game boasts several upgrades, including the ability to switch between the original graphics and music to the “updated” versions.


The gameplay follows traditional JRPG formulas of explore and random battles, while following the game’s story. It doesn’t really bring anything new to the table gameplay wise, but it is a nostalgia piece.

The story itself finds you in a fantasy world. There are tales, “myths”, of an ancient civilization that the Gods attempted to bring prosperity to, but ended up destroying the civilization. You go around exploring these ruins and discovering the past. The story is pretty well written, and does deserve credit where due.

I’m really enjoying the art style.

The game has a very enjoyable soundtrack. It’s themes all fit the situations well, allowing for some of the best periods of exploration. I especially find that the boss music fits fantastically for an “epic” battle.

Overall, I’d have to give Pier Solar and the Great Architects a half of a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s fun, well done in many aspects, but it left me wanting more. It felt like something was missing, but I’m not sure what. Still, if you like JRPG’s and want one that was built with love from the bottom up, I recommend grabbing this one.

It’s actually interactive

Pier Solar and the Great Architects can be purchased from the following locations:


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