Big News… Steam Marines!

Steam Marines is a squad based Roguelike set on a steampunk spaceship. It features tactical play focused on positioning and careful use of resources. Built to keep you on your toes as you progress through the decks of your besieged ship while clearing enemies and trying to reach each level’s elevator.

Alright marines, we just woke up. No telling what’s waiting for us. What’s that? No… NOOO! IT’S A REVIEW!

Steam Marines is a rogue-like tactical game, putting you in a weird situation. You wake up from cryogenics on a ship where you see dead bodies everywhere. Despite that, this is not a horror game. Each member of your squad has a set number of Action Points that you must use to carefully navigate, gather resources and defeat enemies in firefights. I see it as more of an excuse to lead to the game’s high difficulty.

Sir, looks like they got the president.

When I talk about the games difficulty, I really do mean it’s difficult. For newcomers, you will have trouble out maneuvering the enemy. It took me about 50 tries to make it to floor 3 on Normal.

What you see when you clear a floor.

I managed to make the game unplayable from a game over. If you keep tapping enter, it switches between the high scores and final score. If you do it right, it makes it act like you are still in game, and won’t let you do anything, saying that you are out of action points. The developer did release a fix almost as soon as I reported it, disabling enter outside of the game.

The bug in question.

Overall, I’d have to give Steam Marines a Burnt Grilled Cheese rating. It’s really fun, and has a multitude of ways to play, however it is extremely difficult, and that can be off putting to some.

Wow I am REALLY bad at this.

Steam Marines can be purchased from thefollowing locations:


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