Big News… Rose and Time!

Rose is desperate to unravel the mysteries of time travel, so she can rescue her parents who are trapped in the past. One day she feels close to an answer, but must be careful to not cause any paradoxes.

“Overall I give Rose and Time a… OH NO IT’S THE BEGINNING OF THE REVIEW!”

Rose and Time is a hide and seek game. You hide from yourself and seek out crystals to each level. You move around with WASD and use the mouse to move the camera as well as cover your eyes so you don’t see future you. It is a puzzle game, and a somewhat difficult one at that.


You take on the titular role of Rose, and are trying to rescue your parents. They are trapped in the past, and you can’t figure out how to time travel, until one day you feel a strange pull. The story itself isn’t bad, and even has parts that made me laugh a little at subtle things I noticed, but it’s not too deep for a game involving time travel.

Sophie is a poet.

I didn’t encounter any bugs in the game that were FROM the game. I did, again, find issue with the FOSS drivers on Linux breaking Unity shaders, but the game was still playable. Except the remastered version, which I dearly wanted to review.

Can you see why?
Can you see why?

(Now to sneak past myself…) Overall I give Rose and Time… !!!!! (OH NO, I DIDN’T GIVE MYSELF ENOUGH TIME!) Okay, all joking aside, I give Rose and Time a toast with strawberry jam rating. It is a charming little game, with a lot to go for it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and only wish I could give the new version a go. If you enjoy puzzle games, pick it up.

Rose and Time can be purchased from the following locations:



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