Big News… Alter World!

The Game is inspired by Stephen King’s book – “The Dark Tower”. The game is a 2D platformer with an interesting gameplay mechanics. Player can travel to an alternative universe anytime and use an alternative universe reality to move to another level. Levels are unique, with puzzles, and player will have to react quickly and assess when to move between the Worlds. The game has unique art style, like a painting.

This game is a thorn in my side, so I’ll relish this review.

The gameplay is that of a platformer. You move back and forth, jump, and avoid obstacles. It’s the world changing that’s a pain. Some levels require pinpoint precision that makes it to where you will die. A lot. You alternate worlds via the spacebar, which is another issue, at least for me.

Wonderful whimsical watercolors

I actually really like the aesthetic they chose for this game. It looks really nice and works well for the game itself. It wasn’t distracting, but gave it an overall pleasing look.

The moon rises over all.
The moon rises over all.

Overall, I have to give this game a half-baked bread rating. There was not a whole lot I could say about it, and it wasn’t that great of a game in my opinion. I spent more time getting frustrated at it than making progress, and the lack of a level select to replay your favorite levels is a problem in this kind of game. However, if you like nearly splitting your keyboard in half out of frustration, feel free to grab this title.

Alter World can be purchased from the following location:


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