Big News… VVVVVV!

VVVVVV is a platform game all about exploring one simple mechanical idea – what if you reversed gravity instead of jumping?

Guys, I’m flipping out. Luckily, a review should calm me back down.

VVVVVV is a 2D hardcore platformer. It is pretty forgiving though. You control Captain Viridian as you explore a dimension you end up trapped in. You are on a hunt to find your lost crew in this fantastic world.

Oooh shiny.

Along the way, you find various trinkets that unlock secrets. The game gets painfully difficult as you progress, but it’s rewarding enough to make you continue. Be careful though, because sometimes you may run into something because of a screen change.

I love this thing!
I love this thing!

The music in this game is absolutely wonderful. It fits well with the overall aesthetic, as well as pushes you forward to continue through the game. You can also unlock songs to switch to via collecting trinkets. The soundtrack also sounds good without the game, so I recommend grabbing it.

Overall, I give VVVVVV a grilled cheese rating. It is difficult, but fun. I love finding the little secrets and completing each “level”. I recommend grabbing it to anyone who enjoys difficult platformers with fantastic soundtracks.

Cue victory dance!
Cue victory dance!

VVVVVV can be purchased from the following locations:!/en-us/games/vvvvvv/cid=UP2103-PCSE00492_00-VVVVVVGAMEPSVITA


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