Big News… Wizorb!

The once peaceful Kingdom of Gorudo is threatened by an evil presence. The only hope for salvation is Cyrus!

Someone set us up the ball! Main review on! All your time are belong to me!

Wizorb is an Arkanoid like game where you work your way through levels breaking bricks and defeating enemies. You move the paddle back and forth, navigating the ball through to try to keep it from hitting the bottom of the screen. It sounds simple, but the ball’s physics are very tight, making the slightest bump deadly.

So far so good…

The music in this game is pretty decent. It’s not a masterpiece, but it definitely was well written. It has obvious inspirations from games like The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy, but has it’s own sound. It fits the games theme well, however.

This is a section that hasn’t been seen in awhile. Anyway, the difficulty of this game is nothing to scoff at. Even looking at other reviews, I found that it’s not just that I suck at it. I’m pretty sure I do, but the game is made difficult on purpose. I had multiple game overs in the first “dungeon” alone.

Getting tricky in here!
Getting tricky in here!

Overall, I’d give Wizorb a buttered toast rating. It starts off great, but it’s not really satisfying. It’s fun to play sometimes, and it’s well made, but it’s not something you want all the time.

Wizorb can be purchased from the following locations:


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