Big News… Three Dead Zed!

Take control of an experimental zombie that can transform into three unique and distinct forms. With quick reflexes, a little problem solving, and some rescued kittens, players make a violent exit that won’t be forgotten by their captors.
Welcome to the Testing Chamber  for my new Review. I hope you Enjoy.*
Well there goes my job.
Three Dead Zed is a puzzle platformer where you control three different zombies in one. You navigate various levels, while finding secrets, to save cats. The controls are simple, using the arrow keys to move, spacebar to jump and the Z, X, Q, and E keys to perform various actions.
I earned that party, thank you.
I found a weird bug while playing this. Every once in awhile, the game will just start dropping frames when you’re the female zombie. I understand she’s a big, slow tank, but that doesn’t work very well.
Overall, I’d have to give Three Dead Zed a Toast with Honey rating. The game is overall fun, if not annoyingly difficult at times. The carefully placed instadeath objects making you need precise movements have proven to be a pain more often than not, but the games overall style makes up for it. It’s cute and charming, and makes you want to play again. I recommend grabbing this one before it’s dead.
Three Dead Zed can be purchased from the following locations:

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