Big News… LYNE!

Deceptively simple. Infinitely complex. LYNE is a minimalist puzzle game that will knot your brain as it calms your soul. Connect the shapes. Fill the board. Lose yourself in the in the interflowing paths of LYNE.

Can you connect the dots to reach the end of this review?

Sage words of advice.

LYNE is a puzzle game about connecting various points. Each level introduces new mechanics or tricks, such as diagonals or multiple passthrough connectors. The only rules are you cannot connect a block twice, and you can’t cross a line. The game is controlled via the mouse, using left click to select a block and drag a line to others connecting them all.

Be calm.

LYNE has a wonderfully ambient soundtrack. It’s barely noticable, but not because it’s boring. It fits the game well enough to not distract you from the puzzles. It is a wonderful little piece of the game.


Overall, I’d give LYNE a grilled cheese rating. It’s a wonderful ambient puzzle game that doesn’t frustrate you. It has levels that will have you trying over and over, but it’s so simple that you can’t get mad at it. I recommend it to anyone looking for a relaxing puzzle game.

Puzzle Complete

LYNE can be purchased from the following locations:


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