UBERMOSH is an arcade game about cutting bullets with a sword, in a gun-filled cyberpunk mosh pit.

Slash! Aaaahhhh, savior of the universe! Slash! Aaahhh, it’s time to review this game!

UBERMOSH is an arcade game where  you run around an arena slashing bullets to reflect them back at enemies killing them. They also drop guns which you can then pick up and use against them. You have 90 seconds to kill as many as possible, but you also have a limited number of lives.

Woah woah woah…

The music fits the game very well, being chaotic and heavy. It feels like you are in a massive mosh pit at a rock concert, except with giant bugs shooting at you.

Seeing this makes me want a cooperative mode…

Overall, I’d give UBERMOSH a grilled cheese rating. It’s fun, fast paced, difficult and has a rocking soundtrack. If you missed my post before, I actually gave it my GOTY 2015 seal of approval. If you’ve been looking for a quick time killing arcade game, give this one a go.


UBERMOSH can be purchased from the following location:


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