Big News… Sunless Sea!

LOSE YOUR MIND. EAT YOUR CREW. DIE. Take the helm of your steamship and set sail for the unknown! Sunless Sea is a game of discovery, loneliness and frequent death, set in the award-winning Victorian Gothic universe of Fallen London.

Set course for London. All hands on deck! Captain, there’s something up ahead! It’s the review!

Sunless Sea is a complex game. You navigate various menus with the mouse, sail around with the WASD keys and use various other keys to do multiple tasks. The gameplay falls around sailing around the world of Fallen London and accomplishing various tasks to meet one of the ending goals. It is very challenging to do, and you will die. The game is more forgiving than it acts though, allowing you to pass on some of what you gathered in your previous life to the next.

Wh-who am I?

When you start, you choose what kind of captain you are. Doing this unlocks various bonuses that help you in the game, but it’s up to you how to progress. You can ferry passengers, compile reports or just go around blowing things up to try to make it through the game.

I am both in love and hate the soundtrack. It’s very well fitting to the game, but the reason I don’t care for it is there are bits that sound creepy when they shouldn’t. I can be traveling through the Sea of Statues, and it’ll play a dark tune when it’s not that dark of a place. However, Fallen London sets the theme really well, too. It’s a mixed bag here.

Graphically, the game is beautiful. It is well designed and makes you want to discover different locations to see what they look like. The only problem I have is the characters themselves. I do not care for the art style for the people in the game, but that’s minor. The menus even have a lot of care put into them, making it easy to navigate, but intriguing enough to make you want to click everything just to see what it does.

The Zee stares up at me.

Overall, I’d have to give Sunless Sea a buttered toast rating. It’s a really fun, slower paced game that requires you think ahead, lest you bring upon zee God’s wrath. If you want a slower paced sailing simulator with pirates, I highly recommend picking up this title.


Sunless Sea can be purchased from the following locations:


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